The 3 best games on Gamecube

The GameCube has indeed featured some of Nintendo’s best games, in addition to some fantastic third-party titles.

GameCube, the fourth house console, is now over 15 years old, so it’s time to refresh our memories and also go through the rather long list of wonderful games that have appeared on this system. While the GameCube was not as ambitious as Sony’s PS2 and was clearly underpowered by Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo’s mini-console, with its fashionable CDs, was home to a large collection of unique projects that received worldwide acclaim. Playing retro gamecube emulator games is akin to going back to places you haven’t visited since childhood, we have all the tools you need to relive those forgotten emotions.

Metroid Prime

Many doubts about the quality of Samus‘ first 3D journey were all dispelled in the first five minutes of the game. Why? For beginners, the brand new Earth Samus looked quite handy with its asymmetrical caves and also randomly placed trees. Retro Studios designers managed to rejuvenate the franchise by combining a puzzle video game with a first-person shooter.

The new viewing angle looked pretty good and also added to the immersion in the video game. We really felt like we were in the primary personality’s environment and experienced the same claustrophobia between checkpoints as they did. Simply put, this is an excellent restart of the franchise business.

Resident Evil 4

Citizen Wickedness 4 combines action and horror elements in the ideal ratio. Brutal gunfights, battles and interactive cutscenes with exceptional graphics contain the best that the current generation gaming consoles have to offer. Contrary to previous parts of RE, this time the authors did not work on tools and ammunition and also included melee aspects, which proved to be extremely advantageous in various clashes with groups of opponents.

RE4 is quite complex, but its gritty atmosphere and intense cinematic action capture the opening seconds. Here you will surely die, as well as often and also not in one of the most noticeable ways (beware of people with chainsaws), but this will only spur you on to progress through the game. If you don’t believe me, let it play for 15 minutes and watch the first episode with the barricade of the angry crowd in your house. Can you refuse a video game that creates such adrenaline scenes?

Metal Equipment Solid: The Double Serpents

Take the best video game of the PS generation, add next-gen graphics and also notable gameplay attributes from the PS2 successor – and we have a living classic. Developed by Canadian studio Silicon Knights, Twin Snakes recalls its new cutscenes directed by Japanese supervisor Ryuhei Kitamura (Confrontation, Godzilla: Final Battles), along with a variety of fresh components created to entertain both newcomers and veterans alike. to impress their fans series.

But at its heart was the story of struggle, death, love and betrayal that made Metal Gear Solid a global phenomenon. Strong Serpent remained the same charming Meryl – a character with the same heartbreaking fate, and all the bosses haven’t lost their humanity, so they usually don’t even intend to eliminate them.

Some of the clearly Matrix-inspired scenes look absurd by today’s standards, but the excellent stealth action in Double Snakes is still among the very best you’ll find on Cube and other platforms .

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