How to Save Money As student

 How to Save Money As student

As The Beatles used to say on one of their greatest songs, Money (That’s What I Want): „The best things in life are free But your love do not pay my bills.“

While a student crucial factors you should be thinking about is the amount that you’ll be spending during your school time. If you are spending too much, you risk accumulating too much debt when you graduate; but spend too little and you’ll be left wondering what was the reason for it all was in the event that you didn’t get to have any fun or have any new experiences.

But fear not there are simple and effective ways to save money as a student – without sacrificing the quality of life.

1. Buy second-hand merchandise!

purchasing second-hand items is an excellent way to save your money, especially for students, since the cost is usually lower than when purchasing brand new products. Visit the local Oxfam, Octavia Foundation or other charity shops around your campus looking for second-hand products, and you might be surprised at the treasures you discover – top quality garments, vintage accessories attractive little ornaments or books for an affordable price.Join Us affordable essay writing services website

Don’t be scared of walking in to browse the merchandise on the shelves – the staff are usually very friendly and the place is a joy to be in. Because the money’s going to a worthy cause, it’s possible to shop at your leisure and not feel guilty afterwards!

2. Do not shop for food until later in the day

Many supermarkets have an auction in the evenings. Any food due to go out of date is sold at a reduced price. Seafood, bread, and dairy products are available for sale and many vegetables, fruits and other fresh produce are labelled with a reduced price. They are fantastic deals for studentsbecause the products typically don’t last for more than a couple of days. Next time you go to shop for groceries, pop into the store about a few hours before it closes and check out the prices. There’s a massive difference!

3. Cook for yourself

The benefits of cooking for yourself are that it helps you to save money when you are a student. Going out to eat is one of the most costly options, especially if you study in a city where a large number of restaurants charge a premium. Girls and guys make sure to channel your inner Jamie Oliver and get cooking by hand. Not only is cooking for yourself cheaper, but is also healthier and more beneficial to your health (think of the amount of saturated fat found in fat-laden Chinese takeaways) and great fun too!

4. You can hide the credit card

We’ll admit it: you and I are both often guilty of spending too much money on products that a) you already have; b) aren’t necessary or c) are simply too expensive. A lot of times, taking out a debit or credit card out is a convenient method to pay the bill without having to consider the cost. Many students are attracted by credit cards to shop now and pay at a more later time However, this bad habit may lead to overspending or huge bank loans when the month’s final payment arrives. Don’t use this method for paying , as keeping track of the money is easier when you pay in cash!

5. Find entertainment for free

Many think that they can have fun by spending lots of money on entertainment, events, parties and theme parks, as well as other local attractions. In fact, there are numerous free activities accessible in every city, only a little more effort and commitment in order to find them! Look on the internet and start with sites like which lets you find all kinds of activities available free of cost. Take note that a lot of cinemas, clubs and theaters have discounts for students – if it’s not clearly advertised, just ask. In the campus itself, there are plenty of cheap entertainments going on, and joining student clubs usually allows you to enjoy additional discounts.

The final lesson is that you will definitely save money when you are students while still having fun at university!

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