Young people brought the suggestive Marysha to the stage

Petr Dvořák, PLZEŇÝ DENÍK 17. 3. 2009

Dance choreographer Alena Pešková and composer Petr Wajsar impressed in Pilsen with a new ballet on a classical theme. No valuable work of art ages, because it speaks of a person. Alena Pešková, a thirty-three-year-old choreographer and former soloist of the J. K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, confirmed this with her original dance drama Marysa, more than talented and with deep empathy. The ballet, the music of which was composed by Petr Wajsar, a composer two years younger than her, was given its world premiere on 14 March. The consistently high standard of the Pilsen Ballet has once again prevailed. The company, which, moreover, once again captured the genre and style of the music and libretto. Strong story, inventive performance, experience...

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