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"We "deserve" all of our experiences...Whether we currently evaluate them as negative or positive...and this evaluation will logically and analogically change as time and space change.The only culprit, therefore, is always Sacrifice, and the only solution is conscious sacrifice, which also becomes the source of the Divine joy of consciously returning to the Creator-Composer...The joy of "remerging" with the Creator-Composer, who out of the need to know himself creates new Culprits - Victims...the explosions of millions of atoms and cells, their multiplication and extinction, the transmission of information, of acquired experiences that are worthless where they are missing...Love "

Interesting facts about smoking

There is nothing unexpected or funny about the behavior of nicotine poisoning. Nevertheless, tobacco addiction has left behind many intriguing historical as well as medical facts. Let's talk about one of the most surprising.

Every six seconds a "real" person in the world passes away. of smoking. Just like every year: 600,000 passive people who have never touched a cigarette, only inhaled cigarette smoke. Yet despite all the legal restrictions and warnings from doctors around the world, more than a billion people continue to smoke.

The money spent on cigarettes over a decade would certainly be enough for an average Russian to buy a new international mid-range car or truck: a Ford Emphasis, for example; or an Audi A4. What a pity, really?

Throughout the fire of 1634, when an impressive part of Moscow was overturned, the authorities carried out an examination. Among the causes of the catastrophe was so-called carelessness in smoking. If a smoker paid a huge fine before the fire or got 10 puffs of bathog, he could go mad after 1634: such were the harsh laws. Large selection of cigarettes in our online shop:

Tobacco imported from the Americas to Europe initially did not take well. To boost sales, shops touted the health benefits of smoking for the body and mind. They were repeated by doctors and clergymen, either by conviction or for excellent remuneration. It was believed that a cigarette could cure about 40 diseases, and -; ward off evil-doers.

Today, only a lazy obstetrician cannot warn a pregnant woman about the dangers of smoking to the fetus. And at the beginning of the last century, even pregnant women were prescribed tobacco - so that they would not gain extra pounds.

When you quit smoking, avoid mint periodontitis: its aroma attracts the smoker to damage the message .

According to psychologists, the attractiveness of smoking depends on its appearance: well, a person smokes half a pack a day - - What if nothing much happens? The same carefree feeling (for now) is felt by a person sentenced to death, knowing that the sentence will surely be carried out in 20-30 years.

Smoking is not only dangerous in itself. It eventually becomes a faithful ally of various other vices. If someone also likes alcohol, cigarettes "hit" him in the throat, liver and esophagus. Numerous enthusiasts as well as cigarette smokers die of cancer of these organs simultaneously.

Cigarettes continue to be one of the most popular products worldwide.

Cigarette advertising on TV was banned in the UK in 1965, in the US in 1970, in Russia only in the early 21st century & hellip;

With cigarette smoke we introduce lead, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, arsenic, hydrocyanic acid and more than 40 compounds into our bodies, most of which contribute to malignant neoplasms.

You can buy cigarettes in Japan when you are two decades old. In the rest of the world, the age limit is 18.

The United States has one of the most balanced rates of female and male smokers: the percentage is about the same, but there are many more men. But in Islamic countries, 44% men smoke and only 4% women.

By purchasing light cigarettes, the smoker harms himself as much, and often much more. Besides, he lacks, craves tobacco and also goes to the smokehouse much more often than a "stronger" lover. Cigarette smoking.

Cigarette smoke smells of vanilla, cloves, lavender, bay leaf, cocoa, rum and even vinegar.

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