Snow White - scene design

In your standard creative team, your brother, the artist Richard Pešek, is never missing. Tell us how the preparation of an artwork with such a close person works, are there any sibling rifts?

Hardly at all now. The early days were worse. I was initially unwilling to let go of my initial idea for the scene and needed someone to "just" realize it. My brother, on the other hand, clung to the "art" which I didn't think was that important because it wasn't functional. Now I like to be influenced by his ideas. It's really collaborative in the sense of working - together. Also, he's even on time now and I'm not so impatient.:)

                                                                                                  From an interview for DJKT Theatre Review

premiere: 18.1. 2020 Small stage DJKT

Set design by Richard Pešek jr.

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