Bloody wedding in Olomouc

Try Blood Wedding, originally staged in Pilsen in 2013, with the Olomouc ensemble proved to be a good choice not only in view of the favourable critical evaluation, but above all in view of the potential of the dancers.

                                    Lucie Dercséniová, 28.9. 2020 Opera Plus


libretto: based on the drama of the same name by F.G. Lorca - Alena Pešková

music by Gabriela Vermelho

set: Richard Pešek jr.

costumes. Monika Kletečková

assistant choreographers Guido Sarno, Gianluca Battaglia

premiere: 7.9. 2020

dancing: ensemble of the Moravian Theatre Ballet in Olomouc

original premiere: 23.3. 2013 J.K. J.K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen, Czech Republic, 23.23.2012

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