Tristan and Isolde

A post-apocalyptic version of an old Celtic legend...

We thought about how this story could take place in a bombed-out city. In its ruins, with the remnants of luxurious furnishings. Where hostile countries are trying to come together in some kind of pact, a marriage...

"...Alena Pešková profiles herself on great literary subjects. She has no problem with narration and more complexly constructed stories, she is able to benefit from the individuality of the dancers, she likes to combine various time and style levels, she uses a wide range of theatrical means..."

                                        Roman Vašek, Dance News,15.4.2022

Libretto, direction, choreography by Alena Pešková

Music by Richard Wagner. Michal Vejskal

Sets: Richard Pešek jr.

Costumes: Ales Valasek

Assistant choreographers Béla Kéri Nagy, Zdeněk Mládek

Starring Mai Iwamoto, Sophie Debou, Sebastiano Mazzia, Zdeněk Mládek...

Photography by Petr Zikmund

PREMIERES: 7.4. and 9.4. 2022 in DK Metropol, České Budějovice

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